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I am getting the hang of creating links. As I was checking on my sources I found something kind of interesting on “Tame The Web”. All you have to do is click the link: Social Media Counter . I have a hard time believing that anyone can keep track of all that information on a second by second basis.
Tame the Web is definitely a blog that can take a lot of time reading all the articles, notes, and notices. Michael Stephens the author of TTW told in his most recent post that he received notice that his application and portfolio of evidence for his promotion from Assistant Professor has been reviewed by the Committee on Faculty Appointments: Michael says, “In the fall of 2011, I will be Dr. Michael Stephens, Associate Professor of Library and Information Science at Dominican University.”

I am barely able to imagine myself working in a library, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have had as much experience and education that it takes to get where he is. I am looking forward to graduating after taking my last 4 classes even though I feel like the real learning will begin when I start working.


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  1. Melanie Vess said:

    That is an awesome counter….it’s almost going as fast as this country’s national debt! 😉 ha ha Anyway, that is pretty amazing that there is that much activity. Thanks for sharing!

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